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Sentia. How does it do what it does.

A Smart Layer for your CRM.

CRMs are great at storing data but frankly none of your staff like looking at data and trying to work out what it all means. Without large amounts of time spent 'staring & comparing' your CRM and its' data itself won't help your team perform.

There is a smarter way. Sentia.

Sentia takes that data - the list views, the reports, the dashboards and all of the information within and condenses it down to action. Insights.

Built natively for

As a salesforce partner we have created Sentia natively for the CRM and can provide you with any and all the integration and support that you may need.

Works with all other major CRMs 

Throughout each and every day, within a tab in your CRM, Sentia identifies who to contact next, where to go, what to focus on and what to do to maximize outcomes for that day. 

Teams close more deals faster. 

They provide better service. Sentia tames their email, tracks their progress, provides every bit of detail on all of their customers and prospects that they need at their fingertips.

Just what they need to know, when they need to know it to win.

We All Need To Be Saved From Data Overload

Enterprise software in many cases is just not fit for human consumption.

Sentia humanizes this software. It does the work for your team. Next to no data entry, no staring at screens full of numbers. Just insights.

What they need to know when they need to know it.

So. Sentia Makes Your CRM Work For You.

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